Biography & Details about Aurijit Ganguli

Aurijit Ganguli author Indian Novelist The Shambala Sutras

Biography & Background:

Aurijit Ganguli was born in Calcutta (known as Kolkata now) on October 23, 1966. He spent his early years in Kolkata and graduated with a degree in engineering from Calcutta University. Aurijit has worked with many leading international organisations before turning to his own venture called Bizwin, a business consulting organisation.

On Becoming an Author:

Aurijit Ganguli has been interested in literature throughout his life – and, eventually, reading led to writing. He wrote a few short stories and got them published in a few magazines during his college years. He also worked as the magazine secretary during his college days. However, his writing urge was suppressed because of a busy schedule after entering into professional life. The lockdown during March, April and onwards because of COVID-19, gave Aurijit the chance to write once again and this is how the debut novel, The Shambala Sutras, got completed by the author.

The author is interested in providing his readers with a reading experience that goes beyond providing them with excitement and pleasure. Aurijit focuses on a sense of fulfilment that he wants to offer through his writing. Aurijit has been a voracious reader all these years and that is why his literary perception is different. He does not want to compete with authors taking the escape route by writing sensual tales. He has different stories to tell.

Aurijit looks to take his writing to the audience on a regular basis and he would love to get the honest opinions on the works he publishes. You can share your feedback on the present book, The Shambala Sutras on the email address provided on the Contact page.